Why It’s Best to Trust a Denturist When You Need to Get Dentures in Bellevue

Beautiful Smiles Dentures and Dental Care Bellevue get denturesDentures often have a bad reputation, but choosing a denturist to assist you with your replacement teeth makes a big difference in comfort and performance. Learn more about these skilled dental professionals and how they can help you retain your beautiful, natural-looking smile even when you need to get dentures. 

Your Denturist Provides You With a Higher Level of Service

Instead of having your dentist take molds of your teeth and jaw and send those to an off-site lab, a denturist does all the work on-site. Your denturist will consider the size and shape of your face along with your natural bite and any special considerations. And with an on-site lab, a denturist can provide you with fast and efficient service for new dentures or repair work.

They Have Special Skills and Training in Crafting and Fitting Your Dentures

Denturists have attended extra schooling and hands-on learning just to prepare for their job of assisting you with finding the perfect fitting dentures so you can eat, talk, sing and even shout like you always have. Denturists in the state of Washington sit for a professional exam before they earn their license. 

Continuing Education in Denture Care is Required 

In order to keep their license, denturists need to complete more than a dozen hours of continuing education every year. They learn about the latest developments in denture technology and patient care to provide you with a more satisfactory experience and greater comfort throughout the process of getting your dentures fitted, maintained and repaired. 

Do You Need to Get Dentures in Bellevue?

Beautiful Smiles Denture & Dental Care offers patients full-service dental care, including oral exams and cleanings plus full, implant-supported and partial dentures, cosmetic dentistry, extractions and tooth replacement. With an in-office dental lab, our denturists and dental lab technicians use only the most advanced materials. We give you a comfortable and reliable fit for dentures that look like your own teeth and with guaranteed performance. Contact us to learn how you can get dentures in as little as two days and enjoy same-day repairs!

Board-Certified Denturists Serving Bellevue Residents Who Need to Get Dentures

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