Get Used to Dentures–Top Tips for Redmond Area Patients

get used to dentures redmondCongratulations on deciding to get dentures! It’s a big step, and the first one to put you on a path towards more comfortable eating, talking and drinking while also improving your appearance. It can require some patience though, as you get used to dentures. But these tips make the process easier and faster. 

Have Patience With Yourself

Change is hard, and change that causes you discomfort is especially hard. The sensation of having dentures in your mouth may feel uncomfortable at first, but with daily practice, you can feel at ease with your dentures within about four weeks. 

Use Trial and Error with Denture Adhesive

Not everyone needs denture adhesive. But if your denturist recommends it to you, there are multiple types of denture adhesive available. If you don’t like the first one you try, don’t assume that dentures aren’t for you. Try a different brand or formula based on your denturist’s advice. 


Your ability to eat, drink and speak will get easier with regular practice. If you don’t want to talk to people you know until you’re more comfortable, spend some time reading out loud or singing along with the radio. Eat your meals at home for the first few weeks, and don’t forget to practice cleaning your dentures, too.  

Learn How to Get Used to Dentures with the Help of Dental Pros Near Redmond

With the expert attention of a highly trained denturist at Beautiful Smiles Dental and Denture Care, you can have total confidence in your new dentures. Our patients enjoy the benefits of an in-office lab for prompt denture work and dental implants. We offer oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry and tooth replacement, too. If you’re concerned about your ability to get used to dentures, contact us for the kind of specialized care that makes a difference.

Caring Dental Professionals Near Redmond To Help You Get Used to Dentures

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