Why You Need A Yearly Dental Exam Near Duvall Even If You Have Dentures

dental exam duvallIt’s easy to think that if you have dentures, you don’t need to keep up with dental exam appointments anymore. After all, dentures aren’t susceptible to cavities! But in truth, these visits to your dentist go a long way in helping you retain the beautiful smile and strong bite you enjoy with well-fitted dentures. Here’s what you need to know about how your visit to the dentist changes.

Keep Your Dentures Longer

When you visit your dentist or denturist annually–at a minimum–for an oral exam, you stand a good chance of getting the maximum time out of your dentures. Your dental care professional will check their fit and condition to protect your gums. The dentures will also be inspected to see if any repairs are needed, such as relining or fixing cracked teeth.

Get Your Dentures Professionally Cleaned

Whether you still have some natural teeth or you have none, keeping your dentures well-cleaned by an expert is essential. A thorough denture cleaning protects your breath. It also reduces the presence of harmful bacteria that may be found in between artificial teeth. While you won’t get cavities in your artificial teeth, unclean dentures may lead to infections.

Preserve Your Oral Health

Even if you have dentures, your mouth is still vulnerable to oral cancer, gum disease and bone loss. Regular checkups by a dental professional help identify areas of concern while they’re more easily treatable.

Get a Dental Exam with a Caring Denturist Serving Duvall

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