How to Know if Implant Dentures Are Right for You Near Lake Forest Park

implant dentures lake forest parkIf your own teeth are missing or in too poor a condition to keep up with the eating and talking you do, implant dentures may be a good idea. This specialized kind of replacement teeth are available only through trained dental professionals, and there are several reasons why they could be a good match for your needs. Here’s what you need to know.

Supports Your Bone Structure and Existing Teeth

When you have lost teeth, it has a strong impact on the rest of your mouth. The surrounding teeth can move out of their appropriate place and your jaw bone may start to deteriorate and weaken. Implants keep the adjacent teeth in the right place and give the jaw bone the activity it needs to stay healthy.

Feels Natural 

Dental implants are permanently attached to your jaw, so they are immovable. Because of this, many wearers say they feel like the natural teeth they lost. Eating, drinking and talking feels normal, which helps you feel good about yourself, contributing to your self-esteem and overall well-being.

Convenient Care

Since you don’t need to remove or clean your dentures, it’s easy to take care of them. Brushing them like your natural teeth is typically all that’s needed to keep them fresh and clean. And of course, you still need to floss daily.

Ready to Talk with a Dental Pro About Implant Dentures for Lake Forest Park Patients?

Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture Care is a local dental practice specializing in dentures, including denture rebasing and relining. With our on-site denture lab, we deliver a quick turnaround and can even make some repairs while you wait. Our caring and dedicated providers are here for all of your dental care needs, whether you need denture care, dental implants, oral surgery, cosmetic dentistry or tooth replacement services. If you want to get implant dentures, contact us for a convenient appointment today.

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