What Dental Procedures Might You Need Along with Dentures in Bothell?

dentures in bothellSome patients need additional dental work to prepare for dentures in Bothell. While it’s not always common, it can make the process of getting fitted for dentures easier and make wearing them more comfortable. Here are a few types of specialized treatments your dental professional may recommend.

Tooth Extractions

Some dental patients have already lost several teeth by the time they decide it’s time for dentures. Other patients need to have teeth removed so the dentures can replace them. Your dental care professional will do an exam to see whether any extractions need to be done and discuss with you how long you’ll have to wait–if at all–between getting teeth pulled and getting your dentures.

Bone Shaping

Dentures require the support of healthy jawbones to fit you well. In cases where you have an overgrowth of bone, there may be some reshaping that needs to be done to get the best fit and function.

Gum Shaping

Like having good bone structure, you also need strong gums to support your dentures. Your dental care professional will examine your gums and see if there are any irregularities that could cause you pain or loose dentures. 

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