Why Are Dentures Important?

Why Are Dentures Important?

Why Dentures are Crucial to Oral Health.

Dentures are a prosthetic apparatus designed to replace natural teeth but also to preserve healthy oral conditions. While dentures have man cosmetic benefits some of the most important advantages are hidden beneath the gums. In order to understand why dentures are important for oral health we must dive into a mini anatomy lesson. 

The mouth is a complex network of muscles and bone that maintain balance with your teeth. This means that while healthy gums are key to healthy teeth, healthy teeth are also key to healthy gums and bones. When you suffer from tooth loss, it can start a chain reaction that leads to generally declining oral health. Several missing teeth not only put strain on the surrounding teeth by increasing the force of impact between them while chewing but it also begins the process of gum and bone loss in the area.

Partial dentures protect the remaining teeth from wearing down unevenly when some teeth are lost. Dentures also preserve the jaw bones and gums themselves. The teeth are locked into the bone through a web of proteins and collagen called the periodontal ligament. When there is no longer a tooth in the area, the ligaments loosen and slowly dissolve. Without teeth creating tension and pressure, the mandible (lower jaw bone) will enter a process called resorption where the bone itself begins to dissolve.

Losing just a few teeth can lead to catastrophic tooth loss because as gums and bones degrade from a single missing tooth, other teeth will get looser. The remaining teeth will also suffer from damage due to the increased wear and gum recession. For this reason we recommend getting some form of long term tooth replacement as soon as possible. Here at Beautiful Smiles our core mission is to facilitate oral health and meet cosmetic goals that work for you. To get a free consultation about how we can help you resolve oral issues before bone resorption develops, contact us now! 


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