Dental Assistant Recognition Week

Our Amazing Assisting Staff

Dental Worker Appreciation Week is an extraordinary time at dental and denture offices around the globe. This week let us all take the time to celebrate the people responsible for keeping the world’s teeth healthy. In honor of those special individuals, we would like to spotlight and express our gratitude for some of our amazing staff!

Teri Berg

The one and only Teri Berg has been an outstanding dental assistant with us for the past nine years! She is renowned for her loyalty and intense dedication to high-quality patient care. Teri is the funniest in the office, continuously making staff and patients laugh and smile. She is one of the most helpful people you will ever meet and is known for lightening the mood. Our office wouldn’t be Beautiful Smiles Denture Care without her. Thank you for being you Teri!

Alexia Gonzalez

At the front of the house, we have the fabulous Alexia Gonzalez. Or as we have the privilege of calling her, Lexi! Lexi is incredibly kind and full of compassion. She works tirelessly to ensure patients feel comfortable, well cared for, and safe. She is brilliantly funny and wildly benevolent, bringing grace and patience to every interaction. Lexi takes care of all the little things that are often forgotten or overlooked: restocking the snacks and planning special activities for all the birthdays and holidays. She has a unique ability to make everyone feel seen and cared for. Lexi is truly the glue holding our office together. Thank you, Lexi, you are amazing and appreciated!

Liliana Istrate

In our lab, we have lovely Liliana Istrate. With 57 years of experience hand crafting dentures Liliana is truly one of a kind and the torch bearer of a dying craft. She demonstrates incredible skill and prowess in the denture lab, generating some of the best dentures in the country. However, her excellence far extends to the denture lab. Liliana is like pure honey, full of love, and light laughter. She is genuinely invested in the well-being of every person and patient that crosses her path. This dedication can be felt in her dentures but also in her presence. She is a shoulder to lean on, a hug when you need one, and has a smile that lights up any room she’s in. Thank you Liliana for being the best there is!

From our office to yours, we at Beautiful Smiles Denture Care extend our deepest gratitude to the dental assisting staff worldwide who ensure oral health and dental excellence. While dental assisting staff are often taken for granted, they perform one of the most important skills: taking care of your teeth.