Who Are Immediate Dentures For


Immediate dentures are a crucial part of the extraction and tooth replacement process. If you’ve been told you need immediate dentures and are confused or curious about what that means, this article is for you.

The major difference between conventional and immediate dentures is the process in which they are made. They are crafted based on impressions taken before extractions. This allows us to place the denture immediately after extraction. Leaving extraction day with a functioning denture benefits both your comfort and healing.

Placing a denture right after extraction allows you to go back to normal look and eating habits instantly but it also acts as a kind of custom bandaid. Immediate dentures will be given what is called a soft liner. Beautiful Smiles Denture Care proudly uses Visco Gel Temporary Soft Liners to ensure patients’ comfort after extractions. This liner is made of methacrylate and is custom-fitted to your mouth on the day of extractions. The soft liner acts as a squishy barrier allowing your gums to heal. Immediate dentures with a soft liner help reduce swelling and bleeding. They also help you go back to your normal life, smile, and eating habits almost immediately after extractions. 

With immediate dentures, we must see you right after extractions to ensure the best possible fit, function, and feel. If too much time passes between extractions and denture placement the mouth can move and swell in abnormal ways. By placing the immediate denture right away we can almost guarantee the quickest and best possible healing outcome.

After a month you will come back in and have your dentures adjusted. Adjustments are necessary throughout the healing process because your gums and bones will shift and move as they heal. After six months we will do what is known as a hard reline. This is when we remove remnants of the soft liner and fit the final hard plastic denture into your mouth. It is important to wait six months after extractions for the hard reline because of the changes your mouth will go through during the healing process.

Immediate dentures can improve oral health by rapidly resolving tooth loss or removal. At Beautiful Smiles, we can make immediate dentures and perform extraction in just a few weeks. We will take your impressions, craft your denture, and extract your teeth in our office with our expert oral surgeons Dr. Aluas and Dr. Lee.