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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you, which is why insecurities about stained, chipped, broken or missing teeth are so common. Fortunately, here at Beautiful Smiles Denture Care we can craft individualized, natural-looking dentures, implants and veneers all in house!


Dentures are an invaluable dental tool not only for their cosmetic value. As dentures transform your smile, they simultaneously promote gum and bone health. Full or partial denture sets can drastically increase the longevity of your jaw bones and youthfulness of your facial structure. Not to mention the nutritional and lifestyle benefit of working teeth.


Implants can be a great way to replace one or several teeth that seamlessly complete your natural smile. Connected to your bone, tooth implants not only look natural but function as a permeant part of your mouth. Giving you the ability to eat normally and enjoy your food once again, ask today if implant teeth could be the missing link to your perfect smile.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures have their own unique set of benefits as they offer increased durability and comfortability. Often seen on the lower denture, implants use metal pegs to clip into your mouth. While some patients can eat anything with regular dentures, many prefer the ease of implants, as they mimic the function of natural teeth. Implants are very secure in the mouth allowing you to bite into apples and chew steak without worry. Ask today if implants are right for you!

Tooth Whitening

If your teeth are yellow or stained, we are here to help! Here at Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture Care we offer in-office, take-home and combination whitening treatments like the popular Zoom Whitening and are happy to help you decide which is best for you.


Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture Care continues to improve the art of cosmetic dentistry to craft individualized solutions for your teeth and mouth.Veneers are thin and durable porcelain covers that are attached to the outside of your teeth and can last up to a decade. They can conceal small cracks and chips while increasing the whiteness of your smile. In some cases veneers can be a good alternative to tooth replacement.


While not as glamourous as other cosmetic solutions, extractions can be an essential part of your smile restoration. When your teeth are no longer functional or are causing you pain, come to us for gentile and expert in house extractions. Our amazing oral surgeon Dr. Aluas is rated a top dentist of 2023 by the Seattle Met. Her skill and eye for detail promise you seamless and painless extractions with excellent results.

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To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry services, give us a call today. Our skilled team is ready to answer your questions and get you the treatment you need. From simple fillings or extractions to dental implant surgery, we’re here for all of your dental, denture and tooth replacement needs!

Colored Tooth Filling Experts in Bothell

Expert Tooth Fillings in Bothell | Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture CareThough we are a denturist at heart, we would like to help you keep your natural teeth as long as possible! The need for tooth replacement can usually be avoided if cavities are treated early enough. When you need a cavity filled, why not ensure the color and appearance of the filling closely match that of your surrounding teeth? The expert team of dental professionals at Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture Care offer expert colored tooth filling at our state-o-the-art dental office in Bothell.

Sonic Colored Tooth Filling

Sonic tooth-colored fillings are a fast and accurate way to achieve effective results. An effective and efficient method of providing you with a natural-looking filling in a short time, regular check-ups are the best way to know whether tooth fillings are needed. Part of modern cosmetic dentistry, colored tooth fillings maintain the natural look of your your smile while helping avoid the need for tooth replacement or dentures in the future.

Advantages of Colored Fillings

When you need a tooth filling, you want to ensure the color matches the surrounding teeth, which is why we offer Sonic Tooth Color Fillings.Tooth fillings that closely match the color of surrounding teeth provide the most natural look, and not even you will be able to tell where the filling is! Your tooth can be restored to full strength, avoiding the need for some form of oral surgery down the road. And while other filling materials may take hours to set, Sonic composite fillings harden quickly and make for rapid and painless treatment.

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If you need a filling, contact the caring team at Beautiful Smiles in Bothell. We can assist with any and all of your dental needs, from simple fillings to dental implants and oral surgery.  Contact us to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services, then get quickly back to good oral health.

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