Denture FAQs

How often do I need to see a dental professional when I wear dentures?

Denture FAQs | Bothell | Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture CareWe recommend an annual exam. Denture teeth can wear unevenly, leading to the need for bite adjustment to maintain equal contact and avoid possible soreness. Also, the risk of oral cancer increases with age, tobacco use, and frequent use of alcohol, and an annual exam includes oral cancer screening.

How do I clean my dentures?

  1. Rinse away loose particles under running water.
  2. Moisten the denture toothbrush and apply the special cleanser.
  3. Keep your dentures in a denture bath of cleaning solution such as Stain Away throughout the night.

What’s the latest technology in full & partial dentures?

The 21st century offers a much more natural choice of colors for artificial gums and teeth, amd new processing methods ensure the best possible fit, function and comfort. More durable prosthetic teeth support the longer lifespan of modern partial and full dentures, and metal-free, tooth-colored frames and clasps make for better cosmetic appearance and function of partials. This is also great for patients who are allergic to metal.

What are mini implants?

Mini implants are affordable denture implants that cost less than traditional ones. An excellent option for patients with minimal bone left on the jaw, mini implants allow for biting into an apple or a steak with no denture movement. Mini implants also do away with the need for the palate portion of upper dentures.

When should I replace my dentures?

While each individual’s experience is unique, dentures should be replaced every four to eight years depending on their condition.

Can a denture be repaired or relined?

Yes. We can typically do this in our office in a one hour appointment.

What is a Denturist?

Are there some questions you’ve always wondered about dentures? Now’s your chance to find out with this denture FAQ.
Denturists have received intensive training and specialize in making full and partial dentures,  always keeping up with the latest denture fabrication technologies. In the state of WA, a Denturist must pass a board exam to become licensed.

What is an immediate denture?

An immediate denture is inserted as soon as any remaining or problematic teeth are removed. In our office, we can extract teeth and place the denture in one appointment. With immediate dentures, the patient doesn’t have to be without teeth during the extraction healing period.

With our full staff of Denturists, dentists and on-site lab technicians, our dental office provides a one-stop solution for all your dental needs in one place.

Helpful Denture FAQs

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