Enjoy State-of-the-Art Dentures with Our In-Office Dentures Lab and Rapid Results

In-Office Dentures Lab | Bothell | Beautiful Smiles Dental & Denture CareThe convenience of our in-office denture lab sets us apart. Whether you need implants, complete or partial dentures, here at Beautiful Smiles we promise expertise and expedience. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for your denture to be shipped to an outside lab, we make our dentures right here in-office. With us, you can have your new dentures in a matter of days instead of months. Our lab technicians work closely with our Denturists to ensure the most comfortable and attractive fit for our patients.

In-Office Dentures

Our patients enjoy one-on-one interactions with our Denturists to craft a denture solution that’s right for you. Having our lab in-office allows us to correct and perfect your bite in a matter of minutes. Here at Beautiful Smiles, we are committed to denture perfection and patient satisfaction. Why settle for factory-made when you can have custom teeth crafted for your mouth and your denture needs? We take into account our patient’s age, gender, and face shape to provide you with the most natural-looking fit and appearance. With our dentures you can eat, talk, and smile with confidence. Our cosmetic dentistry technicians also welcome your questions and value your personal preference for the shape, color, and placement of your teeth. Unlike many other practices, we never work from molds and dental impressions alone. Don’t settle, come on by for a consultation so we can assist you in finding the dental/denture solution thats right for you.

High-Quality Dental Solutions

Today’s dentures come in a wide range of styles and materials, but not all of them are created equal. At Beautiful Smiles we use the most reliable materials and practices to ensure your dentures longevity and comfortability. Our on site lab allows us full control over your dentures fit, quality, and comfort. Unlike offices that ship their dentures out, our onsite lab also allows us to continuously adjust any cosmetic or comfort issues in just a matter of minutes until total satisfaction is achieved. Here at Beautiful Smiles, we can offer you full or partial sets customized just for you and ready to wear in as little as two weeks.


We offer extractions and immediate denture services so there’s no need to wait on your tooth replacement. You can get everything you need taken care of in one office. Dr. Gabriella Aluas DDS, works closely with our team preforming on site extirpations. Dr. Aluas has  excellent bedside manner and a passion for learning and maintaining the highest quality of care. She has been well recognized for this excellence garnering the Seattle Met Top-Rated dentists award for over ten consecutive years.

Already have a denture? 

Here at Beautiful Smiles we are proud to offer a multitude of denture solutions. Our gallery of lab capabilities includes denture relining and rebasing as needed, as well as denture repairs fixed and delivered to you on the day of your appointment!

Dental Professionals You Can Trust

Get natural-looking dentures that are comfortable to wear directly from our office in as little as two days! Our in-office dentures lab even does same-day repairs.Dozens of local dentists send their patients to our providers known for compassionate care, outstanding results, and quick turn-around dentures.

Michael A. Salehi LD, has made thousands of dentures over his 20 years of experience as a board-certified Denturist. He has also earned best-of honors multiple times for his dedication to patient care and satisfaction. Michael serves as a Denturist school board member to support new and aspiring Denturists.

Dr. Kwan Lee is a board-certified dental implant specialist with ten years of experience. Both Dr. Lee and Dr. Aluas have completed thousands of successful oral surgery extractions during their time at Beautiful Smiles team. We offer oral sedation for our surgeries to improve your comfort and alleviate anxiety about the procedure.

Are You Interested in Superior Dental Services with In-Office Dentures?

Our commitment to patient-focused care through professional standards and gentle treatment and our in-office lab allows Beautiful Smiles to serve all of your dental and denture needs, including regular cleanings, dental exams, and fillings. Whether you are considering in-office dentures, seeking maintenance care, or need denture repair, we invite you to contact us today and see how our friendly and knowledgeable team can assist you with fast and personal service with new dentures in as little as two days.

Expertly Made and Fitted Dentures from Our In-Office Dentures Lab for Bothell and the Greater Seattle Area

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